Thursday, February 14, 2013

FREE valentines day movie from REDBOX

You can get a free Redbox Rental with Redbox Movie Code SWEET until 2/14/13.
 Remember to return your movie by 9pm tomorrow night to avoid charges.
Code is valid through 2/14/13.
SWEET! ;-)

Free Personalized Elmo Songs

Just Me Music offers personalized Sesame Street songs with your child's name! (note all names are available there is a pre-selected list of names)

Get three FREE songs with your child's name!

Go to: , and use code:  "MYELMO" , add your email and pick your child's name out and save the songs to your computer!   Simple & Sweet!

There are also free songs from the Veggie Tales!  Go to: and enter  code “VEGGIE”, same instructions as above!
My princess LOVE hearing her name put into songs - she loved it even more when she hears it from her favorite little red monster and Larry the Cucumber!   
These are great for little who want to be like the big kids and have their own music - plus its free, cant beat that! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Free Poise products?

If you got this past Sunday's coupons you may have noticed the Wal-Mart add for Poise products starting at $2.97. A few pages later there is a $3.00 coupon.

Can you say  FREE?  A few items come out to free and most 70% off 

This is just another example of why couponing WORKS - and how EASY it it!!!

If someone was going to PAY you to buy their products and it was something you used/ needed ... wouldn't you?   Pocket the money you save from using coupons and you'd be pleasently surprised how much you have to spend on bigger and better things like vacations, shopping... or BILLS! :-)

Mail Call!

Lookie what came in the mail for me!

 So a few weeks ago I wrote to King's Hawaiian inquiring about coupons. About a week later to my surprise did I get a HAND WRITTEN letter thanking me for being a loyal customer and interest in their products! I don''t usually ever purchased their bread BECAUSE its so expensive!

So along with this letter was a few recipes and a coupon for a FREE King's Hawaiian Item.  I was more than happy to get JUST that!

To my Surprise I got a PACKAGE from them! I couldn't imagine what on earth was in it. Oh course I shook it like a kid on Christmas and it sounded like a shirt of all things!

 I open it up and find a round loaf of bread (normally $8)!
WIN!!!   As well as a SECOND free item coupon!!!

The bread was a sweet round loaf and it was AMAZING!  I didn't look at the calories - and I don't want to know!  Free never tasted sooo good!!!

 I've been to Hawaii, I've had "sweet" bread - it did not taste anything like this!!!

Mahalo Nui Loa, King's Hawaiian!!!


If anyone is a fan of their brand, click here for their website 
Or email them at

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stock Pile - a little at a time!

Quick deals at Walmart!

I stopped in for a quick trip and picked up cat food and a few cheap and free items to add to my home stock pile!

Four tubes of tooth paste and two free containers of cat food:  $2.54!

-Aquafresh @ $1.64- (4) $1/mfr from RP 2/2= $0.64 (x4= $2.54)

-I bought a small bag of cat food for $5.66  and I had a print out coupon from for two free containers of cat food.  Of course I had a $1.00 coupon for my cat food (duh!)

More to add to my health and beauty and with the free cat food I donate to my local shelter - my little buggers wont touch the wet stuff! 

just 2 side notes: 
1)  I did not include the bag of cat food in my total since it was not part of my stock pile - but my FINAL total was $7.22 - still not bad! 

2) BEWARE of "value packs" I saw walmart was offering a double pack of the same tooth paste, however, it was nearly double the regular price of the single pack.  I double checked the price and weight and it was correct. maybe it was mismarked but certainly not any "value" - even with the coupon!  sometimes you really have to watch that they are marketing you as a value.  I've run into this many times with gift packs or multi-packs of deodorant, three in a pack but the middle one is a"travel" or "sample"...  still a good value but not really what you THINK your getting.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sample Sunday

Sample Time!

This week is or the ladies!  

Tampax Tampons 
Kotex "I Know" Bracelet 
Gevalia Coffee 

Free donut in honor of Valentines day at Krispy Kreme when you purchase 12. now until Feb 14!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sample Sunday - ITS BACK!

Sample Sunday!

I haven't posted in a while so I'm hoping to change that!

I love freebies - who doesn't?!

Every Sunday I will bring you a few samples or dates for free events! (events are for the Philadelphia and Montgomery County areas - unless otherwise noted)

Click the links and get your free samples!

free mini lego build!

- Be sure to visit Michael's Craft store on February 9th, Wilton® will have a FREE demo of their newest Treat Pop creations!  Learn decorating tips and ideas!
Saturday (2/9) from 1pm - 3pm
At nationwide / participating Michael's

- LEGO Monthly Mini model Build
Tuesday February 5 at 5pm (until supplies last)

Event is open to kids 6-14 yrs old only, one per child.
At nation wide store -Be sure to arrive early!!

The King Of Prussia Mall has a LEGO store!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Target Toy Clearance jan/feb 2013

Target has some great clearance deals going on for their toys! 

Usually they have it a week after new years buuuut.... like everything else in the past year with Target - they seem to be changing the way they do their clearances!!!  (grrr!)

Anyway,  I got some great deals at 50% & 70% off!  LEGO sets, a Sesame Street Kitchen,  Ipod gear, and some Disney princess outfits!   I did not get to take a group picture of all my goodies since i snagged my deals the night before my daughter's 1st (!!!!) birthday party! 

 But here's a cute shot of her and the talking Sesame Street kitchen that I paid $17.49 for!  Orginially $69.99!!!!

Princess Gia and her new kitchen! :-)

Be sure to check out Target this weekend as they seem to be adding more and more to their clearance dept.,  and make sure you SCAN for the price - a few things i got were marked lowered then the tag - I love that!!!   Happy Shopping!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stationery Card

Smiles Everywhere Valentine's Card
Invitations, announcements and Christmas cards by Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lean Cuisine meals for a $1.30 at Target! coupon and gift card deal

Wow, its been a while since I last posted!!!

Now that my daughter is almost 1 (omg what happened?!),  I am starting to get a little more free time- just a little!

So i'm going to try and post some sales and deals as much as I can... I hope!!

Its a new year and that means it time to get in shape and keep up with eating healthy- especially with my toddler to be now eating all veggies and fruits she can get hers little paws on! So I have to keep up a good example for her... and loosing weight would be nice too!!!

Back to business...

starting this week (1/6)  Target you can get Lean Cuisine meals @ $2.00 each OR 
buy 10 @ $2.00 each and get a $5 gift card!

IF you got the smart source coupons this weekend there was a $1 off 5 LC meals coupon.

heres an easy break down for the best price and deals:

10 LC meals @ $2 each =  $20
Use TWO $1 coupons and you end up paying $18
add your $5 gift card ...
your meals come to a $1.30 each!  

If your buying a few meals, break your order up so when you get a gift card you can use it on the next set of meals, and so on.  If you plan to do that you'll pay $18 first then $13 for the rest of the sets of meals

This are quite tasty and more importantly FILLING!!  Even my picky 9 yr old loves em!!!  this are great meals to jump start any diet since they allow you to track all your intake, and they even have online rewards to save your points and get some cute swag!